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Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln

Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln

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Production capacity 12-1000 t/h

Max Input Size 35-300mm

Discharging Range 3-60mm

Email:sales@zdzg.com (contact us by one of the three ways)

Email: sales@zdzg.com (contact us by one of the three ways)

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Advantages of Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln

1.Sponge iron, also known as direct reduced iron,still maintains the ore shape without smelting.It is featured with high compressive strength,no compaction,large surface area,high activity, good regeneration effect and so on.

2. Sponge iron rotary kiln is the widely used sponge iron processing equipment.In the rotary kiln, with coal, coke or other fuels,the iron ore or iron concentrate pellets realize low-temperature reduction under the  melting temperature conditions,becoming porous products. After cooling,crushing,magnetic separation,the gangue or other impurities in spong iron can be removed,which can be used for steel making or iron making.

3. Rotary kiln will be used as a reactor, reducing agent and pellet will be sent into the rotary kiln at the same time for reduction and calcination.

4.Compared with other kinds of kiln,rotary kiln has more uniform and evenly calcination effect due to its continous movement of kiln body.Our rotary kiln has full models,you can choose the proper model according to your needs and requirements.

Advantages of Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln

1.Large processing capacity,full models for sale

2.Even and uniform calcination effect,high quality final product

3.Good sealing performance,stable operation

4.Guaranteed technology,long service life

5.Strong adaptability to materials,wide application

Technical Data

Product specifications(m)Kiln dimensionsCapacity(t/d)Rotation speed(r/min)Motor power(kw)Total weight(t)Note
Φ2.5×402.5403.51800.44-2.4455149.61Kiln with shaft cyclone preheater
Φ2.8×442.8443.54000.437-2.1855201.58Outside disassemble kiln
Φ3.0×483483.57000.6-3.48100237Outside disassemble kiln
Φ3.0×603603.53000.3-2100310Alumyte-alumina forge kiln
Φ3.2×503.250410000.6-3125278Outside disassemble kiln
Φ3.3×523.3523.513000.266-2.66125283Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ3.5×543.5543.515000.55-3.4220363Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ3.6×703.6703.518000.25-1.25125419Generating kiln for using ofterheat
Φ4.0×56456423000.41-4.07315456Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.0×604603.525000.396-3.96315510Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.2×604.260427500.4-3.98375633Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.3×604.3603.532000.396-3.96375583Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.5×664.5663.540000.41-4.1560710.4Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.7×744.774445000.35-4630849Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ4.8×744.874450000.396-3.96630899Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ5.0×74574460000.35-4710944Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ5.6×875.68748000Max4.238001265Kiln with preheater precalcine
Φ6.0×95695410000Max5950×21659Kiln with preheater precalcine

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